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TST Tire Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System

Our everyday pricing is now lower on most TST items and as usual, we will meet or beat any other published price for the same item!!

Your new TST TPMS will also ship with a 3 year warranty!

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USA Adventure Gear
Glacier 12 Volt Water Pump

 Want to move water fast and with less effort? USA Adventure Gear’s Glacier 12 Volt Water Pump pumps up to 3 gallons per min and is designed to work seamlessly with the Grand Teton Water Container on Wheels (coming in 2017). Pump water into RV and Marine holding tanks without the lifting and pouring.

Did you know this about the TST 507 Systems with "Flow-Thru" sensors?

You can use a combination of the Flow through and standard 507 sensors with your towing and towed vehicles depending on fit and best of all, both style of sensors have User Replaceable Batteries

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I constantly struggle with laying down my reading glasses or sunglasses.  If I haven't laid them somewhere, I hang them on the collar of my shirt and the first time and every time I bend over, they fall on the ground.  I needed a solution and this fits the bill perfectly.  I first saw this product on Shark Tank.  Save your eyewear from scratches, damage and loss from dropping them or leaving them laying somewhere.

The simple solution for eyewear management problems - keeps glasses within hands reach, safely and securely with SpecSecure by ReadeREST. Using the power of magnets, place the back plate behind an article of clothing and the front piece on the outside of your clothing - the magnets will automatically attach and self-center without poking holes!  Simply hang your glasses.  You can bend over without your glasses falling out.  AMAZINGLY SIMPLE and Made In The USA! 

We are proud to be distributors for the TST Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring Systems & Accessories.  The TST TPTMS System is one of the best selling systems on the market.  Features, Price, Reliability, Ease of Installation, Choice of Tire Sensor Type (long life battery/user replaceable battery) and Great customer service all contribute to it's popularity.

Please take a look at the features available with either of two different systems that are available for monitoring up to 22 wheels. Do you want to monitor both tire pressure and temperature plus see them displayed side-by-side?  TST has it.  Want sensors with 5-7 year battery life?  The TST 510RV System has them.  Want sensors with user replaceable batteries?  The TST 507RV has user replaceable batteries in the sensors!  Do you want to be able to set your alarm thresholds (low presssure, high pressure, high temperature) yourself and not be restricted to a fixed percentage?  Easily done with either TST model.

We encourage you to search RV related blogs and forums to read what others say about the TST 507 and 510 Tire Pressure & Temperature Monitoring Systems.

Get the Tire Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System (TPMS) that offers the best combination of pricefeaturesreliability and ease of installation.  Click on the TST TPMS Info or TST FAQ under TPMS Info to learn more or click on the TST logo under "Featured Products" to Shop Now!

TIRE SAFETY - Driving "Under Pressure"

According to studies, the #1 cause of tire failure is under inflated tires.  It's estimated that greater than one third of all vehicles on the road have at least one tire under inflated.  A tire run 20% under inflated can have it's useful life shortened by approximately 30% and reduce tread life by 25%. (A tire run 20% low is considered to be flat and should be inspected on the inside by a reputable tire dealer).  A 10 degree drop in temperature will reduce tire pressure by 1 psi.  A 10 degree increase will increase tire pressure 1 psi.  Tires lose approximately 2% of their psi per month sitting .....(Read More)

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